I want to do Art Trades
and have everyone draw me RS and Jack Spicer

  2. candydaddythehustlinpimparoo reblogged this from mookie000 and added:
    I want to do art trades with u but i’m not good enough D;
  3. t1mco said: Ohgod why didn’t I see this sooner RS STUFF ALL DAY EVERY DAY I WILL EVEN TRY TO DRAW YOU TOPECAI IF YOU SO DESIREEE
  4. songofthestorms reblogged this from mookie000 and added:
    I’ll trade with you! I’ve never drawn from either of those series but it’d be a fun challenge! :D
  5. promisechan said: I would do it too LOL.
  6. vigilanteflower said: I will art trade with you!! O^O Umm, I don’t have an art tumblr but my DA is VigilanteFlower if you want to see what my stuff looks like. It’s okay if you don’t want to ^^;
  7. berryciesta said: This would be beautiful if you weren’t kidding. Some Jack Spicer art trades would be awesome.
  8. tea-solves-everything said: I would. I’m not very good but… I would art trade with you :D
  9. listentothistrackbitches said: up for an art trade right here yo YuY
  10. gh057-m17un4 said: I will comply with this. Yes. Seems reasonable.
  11. blackinkgate said: sounds like fun ^w^ though you’d have to prepared for shitty art. :D just tell me what you want and I’ll do it to the best of my abilities. :D Cause your awesome, and i want to make you happy!
  12. willjahm said: I’D DO IT
  13. brakes said: how about you draw me Teen Wolf and I draw you Teen Wolf
  14. acidloop said: I want to do an art trade with you! :D I’m not sure about RS, but I could try Jack Spicer. x]
  15. sleepingwithwerewolves said: I totally will if you want. Message me?
  16. c2ndy2c1d said: i’m not sure what’s RS but i can do Jack spicy~~~
  17. bisousexy said: does it have to be now?~ Im not in the best mood now, but I’d love it >.<
  18. squishlemon said: Suuuureee. I will. But I warn you my shit sucks lol
  19. kyotofushimi said: i…would…but you dont even know me omg
  20. oyasumirosie said: Some one is about to get a lot of fan art and a few angry people…..
  21. lunar-bunnie said: OHOHPICKMEPICKMEPLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. willgrahem said: if I could art I so would
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