Miss Mookie I hope I'm not the only one who ships Mitch and Boomer!!

Im not sure how that would work maybe! Mitch is a wonder! I only really see him with the green???

aha you probably have answered this a zillion times but when does your shop restock i have a mighty need for a couple of body pillows s w e a t s

I could open preorders maybe (*´ A`*)

I'm really curious who do u ship in snk ???

I ship Terry and Rock
aand Ash and Shen
I ship alot of SNK people but thos are my top!

evcuse me, ive been going around asking for input. I'm currently in the process of making charms for an upcoming con and I would like to know what characters should i do?

I think your best best is to do the main characters from SNK Free KLK and DMMD they seem to be most popular at the moment?

why did I make that

so basically mordo's straight but when with jeremy "SHIT HAPPENS OK"

maybe leading up too a chad backstory?hm?????

Live stream doodles

someone in the chat talked about Trip writing Lion king fanfics! but he cant write so he just draws pictures !

I think I’ll try to live stream tonight when I get home (○・э・○)~♡

Oh gosh mookie did you see the latest rs episode bout skips? I ahhhh feels did this give you any feelings as well??

They had a Futurama moment