my sketch book is like


Bubbles more like BOOBles hehehe

your fem nekoma players are so hot i could cry, esp over yamamoto and kuroo! thank you for being such an amazing artist!!

breasts of the team

Hello, sorry to bother you, I think I saw you at AUSA last year and I was wondering if you possibly were going to be there this year as well? Sorry if this question was already answered ^^;

I didnt get into the AUSA artiest alley so unless I find a table share or get off the wait list I dont think Ill be going ><

bad influence Sly blue

Trip and Virus’s ending in Re:code with morphine sly blue

First off, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR DRAWING STYLE! Secondly, my friend has cancer and she died recently, she loved Virus and Trip... This is depressing but can you draw Trip and Virus? She was going to request but she didnt come around to it...

im really sorry about your friend and I know its not much but I hope she would have liked the sketch! 
I hope shes happy in a better place!

kenma having a crush on female hinata though

have you considered drawing mizuki's allmate in your style?

ahh I would if I had a screen shot