edo demon hunter AU for inktober

i need to see buttercup topping butch now look at what youve done to me

Them banging would just be a battle for dominance

But butch being a masochist he would probably dig it

Your female Kuroo is really hot omfg // ///////

I am glad! I was iffy about my girl kuro cuz I draw her like an amazon… OI———————————-<

imagegotta be strong to protect her princesses kenma

could you draw more girl kuroo? your art is amazing!

she could crush your head between her thighs

we know the porn is there, in your folders.

I honestly dont draw porn that much……….!! my style doesn’t translate into porn good………

Could you please draw more bokuaka? ;w; you draw them very cute jfdjgkgfj

I think about Bokuaka more than kuroken but I’ve hardly drawn it…. I’ve drawn oikawa more than bokuaka idk what’s going on its unacceptable

Why don't you use your nsfw blog? :(


Is there anyone that you think would top Butch? I just love bottom butch

brick can and buttercup thats about it …

face of a broken man

sometimes I think about anime Trip
and wherever he is I hope hes happy