I want to look as good as mookie000 ‘s drawings

I want to look as good as your drawings!!!

im not feminist or nothing, but your kenma genderbender is the manager just because he's a girl?? :, (

 its a boys volleyball team so shes the manager? she can still play volleyball just not on there team??

i really like your fashion sense!! do you have any outfits for hq's??

ohh! I want to! I just cant think of any///

There gonna put a camera in my stomach and I’m really nervous

Butch glowered down at the powerpuff as she ran along the track, staring at her lean legs which were straining forward, when suddenly she stopped. "Do you have a problem?" she groaned impatient. "Sure do Butterfuck!" he yelled. "Screw you" she hissed, shooting laser beams towards him. "You wish!" he mocked as she flew to him. "Stop being an idiot," she mumbled. "Ya love it" he smiled. "I do not" she groaned. "Then why'd you agree to go out with me?" he smirked. "Brain damage?"


ive been talking all day with Kata about genderbent Kenma / Kuro
she plays alot of BL video games

I'm like, legit in love with how you draw faces. Like wow 10/10 perf love. And the eyes. THE EYES.

thank you!!!///////////

What would Kenma look like after he hits puberty?

you need an hq tag ;3;

I go! I just haven’t put it on my side bar yet…

Do you know what table youll have at ota? Are you gonna cosplay?(itsmyfirstconimsoexcite)

Yes I do have an Otakon table!
Ill be at table J-12&13!!
and yes Im cosplaying at some point haha